Esports viewing pool website launched with $1.8m funding

With its $1.8 in funding, Hearo.Live has started its open beta for on-line esports events in virtual rooms with your friends.

Edward “Ned” Lerner thinks of Hearo.Live as the resurrection of the old Greek amphitheatre, where people can meet up online or otherwise partake in a shared social interaction in the same virtual space, where fans can create groupmates, and then sign in to an esports match, by using HEARO. Hearo.LIVE is an online platform where players can see and hear something in a live environment together.

Lerner, Hearo.Live CEO, said in an interview with GamesBeat “With Esports Today, Gaming Companies has created football.” “Viewer is out of sight and unattended to. Lerner talked at our GamesBeat Summit 2019 last year. “We’re creating a football stadium.”

Live helps friends to talk about or just watch Twitch, YouTube or Mixer live streams. You can do so on your phones, computers or tablets, watch online esports and other events.

“We believe that we are the best application to watch this match or match for sports,” said Lerner. “We added PC support now because the PC consumes so much sports content.”