Echo Fox owners raise $38 milliion

Echo Fox ownership group has raised $38 million. The investment comes from various sources but includes Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham Jr., the St. Louis Cardinals and others.

We have been following the esports sector for several years.” St. Louis Cardinals vice president Dan Good said in a news release. “In the last year, we have gotten to know the team at Vision Esports and felt this was an exciting investment opportunity. In addition to the sector’s growth potential, we were impressed with Vision’s depth of experience that is applicable to the new esports ecosystem, including Stratton Sclavos’ experience with the San Jose Sharks; Jace Hall at Warner Brothers Interactive; Chris Nordling at MGM Resorts and Mike Mossholder at UFC.

This might be a precursor to a possible Overwatch League Investment. Blizzard have confirmed that there will be expansion in Season 2 and they will look to focus outside of North America