Could esports betting develop into tote type betting?

Betting finds Tote betting and pool schemes to be a wagering practice-driven mainly by horse racing. To date, debates and thoughts have centred on how to modernise existing tote structures for the 21st century. A few sports operators decided to make a radical jump in the Tote betting in order to capitalise on its rapid growth in recent years.

Phill Adams, RPGG CEO, and his team have created a new esports betting website called which will be launched next month and aims to establish itself among the other esports betting sites, which combines these two different ideals to tap into the Z ‘ generation.’

”Two years ago our Sister company, DDL, worked on a tote system in Mauritius, Barbados and the UK,” said Adams, who had almost 20 years of experience in the horse racing and betting industry.  The developers who are fans of esports said that we’d love such a product for sports.

The lack of information and industry knowledge is one of the biggest problems with sports betting. Countless generations of sports such as horse racing and football have long accumulated data and awareness, yet the sports are still in their infancy.

Tote Betting can overcome the lack of knowledge in this new sector and can provide bookmakers with the simple odds they need, primarily because of the experience they have given to them by the punter.

“Actually only fixed-odds bets on teams are being offered to customers, which definitely have their place,” Adams said.

Nonetheless, there will be the possibility that a market that is still evolving by including the markets on scenarios like what player gets the most death or gold in a CSGO game will become too complicated by introducing unique tote betting solutions for niche odds.

“Customers may find this” tyranny of choice “too excessively overwhelming,”‘ the CEO of RPGG explained.

”We’ve been working together with a professor in statistics and artificial intelligence company to help build an AI model that predicts what the probabilities of each match winner are using previous performance data. The explanation to tote betting is seen in the sporting sector is because the businesses want to be the first to completely enjoy the potential benefits of competitive game competition. The AI uses available data and forecasts the probability of each result.

In 2017, according to GameScape from Interpret LLC, the median age of esports fans is 28, indicating that if bookies want to crack the generational gap in betting, then esports are obviously the target market.

“Bookmakers want to offer esports betting, absolutely,” Adams concluded. You know money is made from it. You know.  But they don’t necessarily have to do with it in their daily life.

“The operators understand that many people are watching esports.” We understand. But there is a difference between those employed for bookmakers, and typically those who like to gamble, which is generally on football and horse racing. “Major companies now have started to find ways of using the platform to talk to and beyond Gen Z. Organizations such as, SIS and STS are all trying to open new ways to the industry. As the industry keeps growing, it is only a matter of time for more companies in the field of sports betting, be it tote, trade or advanced fixed odds.