CobX Masters Phase II announced with a prize pool of $200,000

Indian esports is looking up as COBX Gaming has announced a new tournament [ or second phase of their CobX masters series ]. The second phase will feature a total prize pool of $200,000 spread out across two games. CobX Masters Phase II will have CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments.

At Cobx, we have always pushed the limits of what’s possible. For years, it has been the dream of every Indian esports gamer to have international events of this scale in India. With our production of Cobx Masters 2018, we are confident about raising the bar for future international esports events. We also foresee brands getting more serious about esports in India and South Asia, and expect exponential growth to the global phenomenon it already is.

Mr. Mujahid Rupani, CEO – Cobx Gaming

The First Phase of the tournament already took place earlier in 2018. The tournament featured multiple matches all over India. Top teams would participate in the event. Recently India hosted Dreamhack Mumbai 2018 where Bravado [ CS: GO ] and Mineski [ Dota 2 ] emerged as the winners. The tournament was a success and it was the first Dreamhack event in Asia.

Move to South Asian Esports

With this move, CobX aims higher. They want to establish and grow the scene in the South Asian esports region. With India still lagging behind when it comes to esports; developing the scene in South Asia does make sense. At the same time, they will also be focussing on enhancing the esports scene in India.

Cobx has always strived towards the growth of esports in India, providing a platform to young talented players who want to pursue their passion. Cobx Masters 2018 is the realisation of that vision and we plan on continuing to grow the community in India and South Asia going forward. This event marks a stepping-stone towards many more milestones Cobx aims to achieve. With the aim to present esports for everyone, we want to lay the foundation by lighting the torch for similar international events to call South Asia their home.

Mr. Rajdip Gupta, Founder of Cobx Gaming.