Cloud9 says good bye to Soham Valens

Cloud9 has divided ways in mutual agreement with CS: GO data analyst Soham “valens” Chowdhury. This officially ends Cloud9’s three-year career, where he worked as both head coach and data analyst.

He helped the team win the 2018 ELEAGUE Boston Major and the 2017 iBuyPower Masters during his time at C9. He also, according to the company, “played a crucial role in hiring and screening teams.”

“Coaching was supposed to be a temporary position for me, but it became something bigger,” Valens said in the news blog of C9. “We won the[ ELEAGUE Boston] Cup, we had team issues, we missed out in the minor qualifiers and we started from scratch again.” “I plan to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to sports analytics and expect to be one of the growing number of people committed to transforming this field into a viable, legal and entertaining one.”