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GG Bet Review 2020

When it comes to esports gambling there are not too many sportsbooks that can provide you with an adequate betting experience. After all, esports is still a relatively new factor in the world of mainstream media and this is also reflected in the gambling industry. Most bookmaker websites offer slim, if any, esports bets, making it difficult for enthusiasts to place their wagers on their favorite team. However, there is one website that put esports before anything else. GG.BET is light years ahead of mainstream gambling websites, showcasing all the latest and greatest esports events and leagues and offering dedicated punters the opportunity to bet on their favorite team. In this review, we will look over everything that GG.BET has to offer you, so read on if you are interested.

Betting Markets

One of GG.BET’s best selling points are the incredible portfolio of esports betting options that it offers gamblers. There is hardly a different website out there that can provide you with the same selection of matches of matches as GG.BET. So let’s take a look at the betting markets available at GG.BET.

Counter-Strike is the world’s most popular tactical shooter game and its competitive scene is at an all-time high. Never has CS drawn a larger viewer base than it has in recent months and as a result, the betting scene is alive and well. Moreover, GG.BET has committed itself to offer bets on just about every event that is running at any given time. At the moment of writing, GG.BET offers bets on matches of the following leagues: ESL Pro League Oceania, North America and Europe, ECS Season 6 North America and Europe, ESEA MDL Season 29 North America and Australia and more. Furthermore, GG.BET also lends its name to the GG.BET-styled CS:GO tournaments, which mainly operate within Europe. The latest – GG.BET Shuffle – served as a qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Chicago, set to take place in November 2018.

Dota 2 is one of the largest MOBAs in the world of esports, second only to League of Legends. This game is no doubt popular and it draws in crowds like few others can do in the esports industry. Valve-sponsored events are quite popular since they feature the largest prize pools in the whole industry, well above what any other game offers. With so much at stake, placing bets online only adds to the excitement. GG.BET offers the following leagues, at the moment of writing, ESL One Hamburg, STARLUCK DOTA2 Challenge, NADLC, Flame Cup and more. The sportsbook has also not shied away from other high-profile events such as The International, which takes place once a year.

Rainbow Six is an upcoming esports and it is the closest competitor to CS:GO, being the only other tactical shooter in the industry. While it is a long way from gaining the same popularity as CS, Rainbow Six has come quite far, considering that it did not have a competitive scene until recently. With this in mind, the offerings for Rainbow Six betting are still slim but GG.BET does offer the best of them. At the moment of writing, the website offers bets on leagues such as Challenger League Season 8 – Europe and Pro League Season 8 – North America.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s unexpected success story. This card game exceeds all expectations and has made it to the competitive scene, despite all the naysayers. Being developed by one of the largest studios in the gaming industry, Hearthstone does enjoy the backing of Activision Blizzard and the company was capable of creating a competitive scene single-handedly. As a result, there is also an active betting scene for Hearthstone. Currently, GG.BET offers wagers on the Hearthstone Global Games 2018, with more tournaments to come once they become available.

Overwatch is yet another interesting game from Blizzard and this one lends itself better to the competitive scene. Many esports organizations have thrown their hat in the ring and formed teams to compete in Overwatch events. Granted, the game is only two years old, as of 2018, but it is developing nicely. Therefore, there are bets to be had on Overwatch matches. Currently, GG.BET offers wagers on Beat Invitational but it will cover the World Cup and the Challengers Trials once those tournaments begin.

League of Legends has been in the eye of the public for almost a decade at this point and no one can deny the contributions that this game has made towards esports. Being the game that brings the highest viewership numbers has a knack to also establish a thriving gambling scene and GG.BET aims to provide them with the best betting experience possible. At the moment, this sportsbook offers bets on the World Championship, but throughout the year there are also wagers on ESL and All-Stars events.

Starcraft is one of the oldest competitive games in the esports world, dating back to the late 90s and while it has fallen from grace in recent times, the professional scene is still quite active. Betting on Starcraft matches is available at GG.BET, with leagues such as the Afreeca Starleague running, at the moment of writing.

Common Esports Bet Types

GG.BET not only has one of the largest games portfolios but there is also support for a wide range of betting options. There are many different bets that you can place at GG.BET, depending on the game and event. The Winners bets are the most common and are mostly self-explanatory. Other popular types include the Over/Under markets, where you predict the exact number of a given aspect. For example, the number of rounds to be played in a CS:GO match or the number of towers to fall in LoL and Dota 2. Handicap wagers also have their place in esports betting and in esports betting sites, being especially popular in CS:GO for the final score. First blood and first-to-objective bets are also available, giving you the opportunity to predict which team will be the first to capture an objective or score the first kill.

In-Play wagering is also available at GG.BET. In fact, this is one of the few platforms that fully supports this feature. Many other sportsbooks have limited support for In-Play betting on esports events, but GG.BET has gone the extra mile. For those not in the know, In-Play gives you the opportunity to place bets on matches while they are taking place live. The odds shift dynamically with respect to the current state of the match. To better help you place such bets, GG.BET provides live streaming of the match in question, where such is available.

Promotions and Bonuses

This gambling website does not only provide you with a great betting platform but also a nice rewards program. GG.BET offers a nice Welcome Bonus to all new customers and it becomes available as soon as you open an account. The bonus is a 150% match on your first deposit that goes up to $75 or the equivalent in RUB or EUR.

The minimum deposit to claim the Welcome Offer is $5 and you only need to deposit $50 to get the full amount of the bonus. While this is all well and good, there are some things that you should be aware of before you claim this offer. For one, the bonus has a 14-day expiration date, where if you do not meet the wagering requirement then it will be removed from your balance. As far as the wagering requirement is concerned, it is 14 times the value of the bonus and you can only meet it by placing single bets with odds of 1.75 (¾) or greater. Requesting a withdrawal before the wagering requirement has been met will result in the forfeiture of the bonus.

Banking and Currencies

With GG.BET being an online gambling website, there is no possibility of you using physical cash to fund your balance. Therefore, you will have to make use of one of the many online payment services supported by the sportsbook. As it happens, there are several different types available and in this point, we will walk you through the major ones.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most convenient payment method on the Internet and can be used at just about any online gambling website out there, including GG.BET. With a credit card, you can make an instant deposit at the click of a button and immediately start placing bets on your favorite teams. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to withdraw your balance the same way, though the transactions will take up to several business days to clear. GG.BET supports the two most popular credit card brands in the world – Visa and MasterCard.


If you are looking for the convenience of a credit card but would rather keep your banking information safe, you should consider using an eWallet. These services come with a lot of advantages and are widely used in the online gambling industry. For one, any transaction that you make will be cleared immediately with practically no processing time. Furthermore, they allow for a certain extent of anonymity when making a payment, since they do not reveal personal information. Basically, they work as a mediator between you and the sportsbook. One of their best selling points are the quick withdrawal speeds, which are arguably the fastest in the industry. A withdrawal made via eWallet will only take a few hours to clear after the transaction is confirmed by the sportsbook. GG.BET supports Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney and Yandex, among others.

Online Banking

Online banking is another great way for you to fund your sportsbook balance in a convenient and speedy manner. There are several online banking services supported by the online banking industry that are commonly used by punters. This is because they allow for instant transactions and they also safeguard your banking information. Furthermore, they require little to no preparation and you can make a deposit with great ease. The downside is that many of them are region-locked and may not work with your bank. Currently, GG.BET accepts payment via Trustly and a variety of regional services.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are one of the most commonly utilized payment services in the online gambling industry, primarily due to the anonymity that they offer and the transaction speeds. With a prepaid card, you do not need to worry about your sensitive information since none of that is needed to make a payment. Speaking of payment, you will be able to make an instant deposit with a prepaid card. The downside of this type of service is that many prepaid cards do not support withdrawals since payments can only go one way. Punters who utilize prepaid cards usually receive their winnings via bank transfer. GG.BET supports several highly popular prepaid services, namely Paysafecard, Flexepin and AstroPay, among others.

Mobile Support

Mobile support is a major aspect of the online gambling experience and can be a deciding factor when choosing an online gambling website. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets play a significant part in our lives and many people use them as their only way to access the Internet. As a result, many gambling websites put in a lot of effort to accommodate as wide a user base as possible.

As far as GG.BET is concerned, you will find that this website has gone the extra mile and developed a fully-functioning mobile interface for their platform. You will be able to access GG.BET from just about any mobile device with Internet connectivity. The mobile version of the website will display properly on any device, regardless of screen size and form factor. Furthermore, the interface is light on the hardware so performance is great. Everything loads quickly and transitioning between different pages is snappy and easy to do. In terms of functionality, you lose nothing when you prioritize mobile over desktop. The full functionality of the website is available in the mobile version, including promotions, betting markets, customer support and more. Overall, GG.BET offers a great mobile experience and it works out well for all involved.

Licensing and Restricted Countries

When dealing with an online gambling service, there is a lot of trust that you have to place in the website, to begin with. Therefore, it is imperative to choose only a reputable and honest operator for your betting needs. The way this is done in the online gambling industry is by taking a look at the licensing that a website has earned. Licenses are issued by government institutions that regulate operators so that the public can rest easy knowing that their funds are safe.

GG.BET is certified by the Government of Curacao, one of the more reputable regulators in the online gambling industry. Operators with a Curacao license have a great track record when it comes to their conduct and you will have no trouble with GG.BET.

Customer Support

Another important aspect of the online gambling experience is the customer support available at the website of choice. After all, you need to know that there will be somebody there to help you out when the need arises. At GG.BET, you will have the benefit of 24/7 customer support, with multiple agents standing by to assist you with anything that you might need, whether it be simple question and explanations or technical issues and payment problems.

The way that you establish contact with the support team is via the live chat system that is convenient and easy to use. The live chat button is always on your screen and it is easily noticeable. There are practically no wait times and you can immediately reach an agent. As far as the support staff are concerned, you will find them to be both helpful and friendly. They will always make sure that your issues are solved and that your questions are answered, leaving you fully satisfied with GG.BET.


Overall, GG.BET is a top-tier gambling website that has the potential to provide you with a one-of-a-kind betting experience. You will be hard-pressed to find another online bookmaker website with the same kind of support for esports as GG.BET. Here you will have at your disposal just about every popular esport title and multiple leagues to bet on. GG.BET offers a wide variety of betting options on each different game, allowing you to personalize your gambling experience and truly see if your predictions will come true. Furthermore, that great experience is maintained by a customer support team of professional agents who work day and night to ensure that you have a wonderful time. When you also add the Welcome Bonus into the mix, there is very little not to like about GG.BET.