BC.Game Review

The following BC.Game review promo code contains all information a bettor may need. We will focus on the betting markets, payment methods, and bonuses available on the platform. In addition to all this, our team will deliver up-to-date information regarding the BC.Game site’s responsiveness, licensing information, and the most popular bet types users can choose between. We believe that on this page, you will find all the necessary data that will contribute to an unproblematic eSports betting experience.

BC.Game eSports Betting Markets

One of the most important things you should take into account before registering on a new eSports betting platform is the diversity of betting markets presented by the operator. Since every gambler has different preferences, it’s important to make sure that the respective platform features the markets you’re most fascinated with.

In the case of BC.Game betting markets, no player will be disappointed. The reason being is that the variety is quite wide, and it features all kinds of disciplines you can think of. In the listing, you will find numerous volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, handball, and baseball events.

Aside from these, you will also get a chance to take a shot with countless eSports events, as well. The BC.Game betting site offers an enormous selection of CS: Go and League of Legends tournaments. If you are a fan of these well-known video games, you will certainly have a blast while at the virtual sportsbook. Here is a list of the additional games you’ll be able to place wagers on BC.Game:

  • Call of Duty
  • StarCraft
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • King of Glory
  • Arena of Valor

In the sports betting section of BC.Game, you will also stumble upon categories, such as eCricket, eTennis, and eFighting. In the latter, you will get to pick between peculiar bet types, including First Health Bar Winner, First Damage, and Will There Be a Super Move.

BC.Game eSports Payment Methods

Another thing you shouldn’t neglect when investigating a betting platform is the variety of payment methods users are presented with. It is necessary to mention that BC.Game users will only be allowed to use cryptocurrencies to conduct transactions on the website. If you’re fond of crypto, you’ll surely appreciate the huge listing of supported currencies.

Even though some players may be sceptical at first, it is an undeniable fact that using digital currencies surely has its major benefits. First and foremost, the transactions get completed quite swiftly, and gamblers are not required to wait for a couple of hours to receive their funds. What’s more, the fees associated with most deposits and withdrawals are incredibly low.

Usually, bettors have to pay no more than a few cents. The most important thing regarding crypto payments, however, is the fact that customers are not required to provide any personal information. To make a deposit, a player has to send a randomly generated private code to the payee. Usually, between one and five validations on the blockchain network are necessary.

Depending on the amount of your deposit and the digital currency you use, the number of required validations on the blockchain may vary. This, of course, will also affect the time needed for the transaction to get approved and completed. The listing provided below contains the names of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies on BC.Game:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • USDT
  • DOGE
  • TRX
  • DOT
  • XLM
  • BNB
  • LTC

Fees and Withdrawal Time

As aforementioned, fees may occur with every transaction you request. Fortunately, the taxes are usually quite minimal, so this is not something you should worry about. If you wish to make a withdrawal, you should simply access the My Wallet page and type in the address of your crypto wallet. Once you add the amount of funds you wish to transfer to your wallet, the tax will be calculated. When your transaction is confirmed, you will have to wait between a couple of seconds and a few minutes before you get your money.

BC.Game Promo Code

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Available Bonuses and Promo Codes for Existing Players

Unfortunately, customers of BC.Game will not be provided with a welcome bonus. As many of you will agree, the majority of novices on certain websites are quite excited to claim the exclusive deal presented by the operator. In the case of BC.Game, however, there isn’t one.

Nevertheless, players will still get to enjoy different perks, such as Boosted Odds. Those of you who have experience in online sports betting know that this exclusive feature may turn out to be incredibly beneficial to the punter.

In the simplest terms, when a particular event has the so-called boosted odds, this means that the odds will be in favour of the player. In such cases, the operator will leave their potential gains behind and will relinquish a large part of or the entire juice. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, in sports betting, juice is the predefined amount that the operator would charge in case a bettor’s wager is lost. In this way, the sportsbook operator ensures that they will make a profit.

The lack of promotions at the moment shouldn’t bother you because the BC.Game team does everything possible to keep users entertained by the addition of new markets on a regular basis. Thus, the probability of adding special eSports betting bonuses is not that low.

Different Bet Types on BC.Game

Being familiar with the bet types available on a particular eSports betting website is vital. Fortunately, if you have experience with regular sports betting, you will have no difficulty grasping the eSports bet types since they are quite similar to the traditional ones. In one of the previous paragraphs, we mentioned that eFighting games have bet types that are a bit more unusual, but players can easily understand them just by reading their names.

Depending on the eSport you’ve decided to take your chances with, you will be able to pick between different bet types. For instance, if you access the Overwatch section, you will notice that the only supported bet type is Winner. Simply put, you’ll get to place a real money wager on the player you believe will win the game.

In the CS:GO section, however, there are bet types, such as Map Handicap and Total Maps. These two are quite common in the CS:GO and League of Legends markets.

Draw No Bet is another well-known type of bet, which is placed by bettors who like to play it safe. You are given the right to place a bet on your favourite team or player. If the game ends in a draw, however, you will neither lose nor win. You will only lose in case your team is on the losing side. 

BC.Game eSports Mobile Responsiveness

Similar to most online betting platforms, BC.Game is mobile-responsive, as well. This would mean that all registered customers will be able to place wagers at any time, no matter what their current location is. As a player, you will not be required to download any mobile application to access the online sportsbook.

Instead, simply open the BC.Game site via your mobile browser. All markets will be presented to you, and you will even be able to bet on live events. Deposits and withdrawals are also possible, and you’ll have no difficulties topping up your balance or sending funds to your external crypto wallet.

If you are a non-registered user, you can easily set up your account directly via your iOS or Android smart device. To do so, click on the button that says Sign Up and provide any mandatory data requested by the operator. Please, keep in mind that you will also have to activate your newly created account. Before completing this step, you won’t be able to make any withdrawals.

Relevant Licensing Information

BC.Game is owned by BlockDance B.V., which is a company that holds a valid license issued by the Government of Curacao. As you know, for a betting operator to be considered secure, they should own a license number. Non-licensed platforms are considered dubious, and the possibility of getting scammed is quite high.

Even though BC.Game is a relatively new platform we can surely say that it has managed to gain a decent reputation in the online gambling world. The crypto casino is dependable, and it provides users with many different gaming products and betting markets. Additionally, the brand follows a responsible gambling policy, which permits every customer to limit their time spent in the virtual sportsbook or, in case of gambling addiction, to fully exclude themselves from wagering.

Level of Customer Service

If you run into any difficulties during your sports betting adventure, you can always seek help from the customer support team. You can easily reach the team by clicking on the Help button positioned in the footer menu of the main page. Then, when you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you will see a Chat with Us icon.

Once you click on it, you will be immediately connected to an agent who will assist you with any inquiries you may have. Alternatively, you may also initiate contact via Telegram or email. information regarding these two contact methods is provided on the official BC.Game website.

Please, keep in mind that the response time may vary depending on the number of players who are seeking assistance at that moment, as well as on the mode of contact you’ve picked. Live chat is associated with the fastest response time, which is one of the reasons why the majority of customers favour it so much.

Final Words

On BC.Game, you will find the most popular eSports betting markets on a global scale. You will be able to place a wager at any time of the day simply because there are always available upcoming events or games that are played at the current moment. Plus, the platform supports some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies users can choose between to make withdrawals or deposits.

Sign Up with bc.game and use the code 5pb2ia86 for a chance win up to 5 BTC!!! There’s few sign up bonus payments that can offer that!

The fees are minimal, and the processing time is super short. Both of these perks are major when it comes to online Esports wagering. Before you proceed with the creation of your account on BG.Game, we strongly encourage you to get familiar with the brand’s specific terms and conditions to make sure that you agree with all requirements laid down by the operator.