EcoPayz Esports Betting Sites

Online gambling is an inherently fun activity that can be done purely for the pleasure of taking risks. Many people, however, also gamble to make money. Thus, it’s important that the best betting sites online provide a wide variety of payment methods for their customers’ convenience. The more banking options a website has, the more accommodating it is to a larger portion of its potential user base.

One of the most popular ways gamers these days like to manage their online gambling funds is through e-wallets. These are software-based systems that securely store payment information and passwords for a number of payment methods and websites. They allow users to make payments quickly and easily. In our opinion, very few e-wallets do this better than EcoPayz. But not every esports betting site provides great gambling products all-around.

That is why our team did some digging and put together the best EcoPayz betting sites online in 2021. When you sign up at any one of the betting sites on this page, you get to enjoy the benefits of quick and easy transactions at the click of a button or the tap of a screen.

How We Determine the Best Esports EcoPayz Betting Sites

In the Wild West that we call the internet, countless gambling platforms are launched every day. This creates a sure sense of abundance, which, while good in some instances, can make it difficult for you to find the best sites amidst the rest. However, as long as you know what to look for, you’ll be able to find the best operators a lot more easily. So, to help you better discern the quality of a betting site, we’ll share some of the factors we used to determine the best EcoPayz esports betting sites.

Irresistible Bonus Offers

Over the years, bonuses have become a huge part of the online gambling world. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single site that doesn’t offer them. This is due to how effective they are at drawing in new users, which is the primary focus of most operators. While most sites offer bonuses, you have to keep in mind that the best sites offer the best esports bonuses. Thus, while making our list of the best EcoPayz sites, we made sure to pick based on how generous an operator’s bonuses were in comparison to those of its rivals.

Helpful Customer Support

Another important factor we considered when compiling this list is customer support. This may sound cliche to you, but you need to trust us when we say that good customer support does a lot as far as enhancing your gambling experience. The better the customer support is, the quicker you can get answers to your questions, or assistance whenever you come across a technical problem. Most of the best EcoPayz gambling sites have live chat features, email addresses, phone

numbers, and a dedicated set of representatives behind these, waiting to hear from you. Many of the sites also have very helpful FAQ sections, should you need quick answers to your questions.

Well Designed User Interfaces

Something we feel not many people give the best sites credit for is the amount of time they spend on making good user interfaces. The way a website looks can impact your experience a lot. Seeing as you’d most likely want to use a website that’s aesthetically pleasing and makes it easy for you to find everything, we’ve made sure to select only the most well-designed websites we could find. Now you can make use of awesome UIs and navigate different esports betting markets with nothing but a few button clicks.

EcoPayz Esports Bonuses

We’ve briefly touched on the importance of bonuses as far as determining the quality of a site. Because gambling websites thrive on user activity, they try their best to outshine their competition. There are several things a website can do to gain more users. However, one of the most effective ways to grow a user base is to offer enticing bonus rewards. In this section, we’ll go over the different kinds of bonuses you can expect to find on the best EcoPayz sites.

Deposit Matches

By far, the most popular kind of bonus you’ll come across as you gamble online is the deposit match bonus. How this works is the operator receives your first deposit, and then doubles that money for you up to a certain limit. For example, if you were promised a 100% match of up to $100, this means that if you deposited $100 or less, the website would send you an extra sum of money equal to your deposit sum. If you deposited more than $100, you’d only get $100 extra. To prevent unscrupulous fans from taking the bonus and disappearing, deposit match bonuses are usually awarded as free bet credits instead of cash. They also usually come with wagering requirements that have to be fulfilled by the bonus expiry date before you can withdraw any winnings made with them.

Risk-Free Bets

Just like deposit matches, risk-free bets are usually given as welcome bonuses. If you lose your first bet, the website will refund you the lost amount, basically eliminating some of your risk. There is a catch, however. Risk-free bets are often limited to a certain amount. So, assuming again that the limit is $100 if your bet was lost, and you had put down more than $100, the esports betting site would only give you $100 from your stake back as bonus cash.

EcoPayz Betting Opportunities

The number of genres and titles in esports is absolutely massive. This allows punters to have virtually endless options as far as the kinds of games they can bet on and the kinds of bets they

can make. Below, we’ll break down the different kinds of betting opportunities that are available for esports bettors.

MOBA Games

Multiplayer battle arena games, or MOBAs, are games involving teams of players competing in different maps to come out on top against their opposition. Popular MOBA sites include League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, and Arena of Valor. On most EcoPayz betting sites, you can find betting markets such as First Blood, the goal of which is to predict which team will make the first kill. You also have Map Winner markets, in which you have to guess who the winner of a specific round will be.

FPS Games

First-person shooter games are at the top of the list as far as the most popular esports genre. They draw massive audiences who love the action and gripping tension carried by these games. As a punter, you can bet on titles like Call of Duty, CSGO, Rainbow 6, PUBG, and Valorant. Betting markets can include over/under bets relating to whether or not the game will go into overtime. First Blood and Match Winner are other viable bets, as well as Tournament Winner, and the Number of Kills for each team.

Sports Games

Sports games are often based on real-life sports, such as the NBA 2k games, FIFA games, and the UFC games by EA. Though, you can have games that are inspired by real sports but have a neat twist to them, as Rocket League is inspired by soccer. The betting markets for sports-based games are often the exact same as those for the real-life sport. Match Winner, Over/Under bets, Correct Score, and Handicaps, both Asian and European can be found at EcoPayz esports betting sites.

Benefits of Using EcoPayz Esports Betting Sites

If you live somewhere with restrictive gambling laws, you may find it difficult to make payments via traditional means. Banks may not want to process money for gambling if the laws don’t totally approve of the activity. You may also find yourself having to wait through long processing times if you use methods like wire transfer to make your deposits and withdrawals. That’s where EcoPayz comes in. Below is a list of some of the advantages that offer it as a means of payment.


Making a deposit with EcoPayz is one of the easiest ways to fund your online gambling pursuits. All you have to do is create an account with the payment processor and fund the account. Then, go onto the site you wish to make wagers on, find a deposit button and click it. From here, you’ll have to select EcoPayz as a payment method and enter how much money you’d like to deposit. Just enter your username and password, press “next” or “submit”, and there you go! The funds are transferred in no time at all. You can then go ahead and start betting.


Not only are EcoPayz payments quick and easy to do, but they’re also some of the most secure. Whenever you transfer money from your account, you can basically guarantee that it’ll get where it’s supposed to be. The systems are well maintained, and rarely give users problems making deposits or receiving their withdrawal sums. EcoPayz also keeps your information safe from hackers using some of the best encryption technology on the market.


E-wallets have been getting more and more popular over the years due to the level of sheer convenience they provide as a middleman between users. Thus, you’ll find that many betting sites now offer a range of options for paying with e-wallets. EcoPayz is arguably supported by the greatest number of esports betting site operators. It’s getting harder and harder to find an online gambling website that doesn’t have it as more and more people sign up for the amazing benefits.

Quick Processing Speeds

While we touched on this earlier, we feel it’s important to emphasize just how quickly payments are processed by EcoPayz. There’s no waiting time at all, and you can basically start betting as soon as you click the “deposit” button.

EcoPayz Transaction Fees and Timelines

We’ve gone through almost every aspect of what makes EcoPayz betting sites so special. But at this point, you might be wondering if there are any transaction fees imposed. You may also be wondering how long it takes for withdrawals to be processed on EcoPayz betting sites. Well, read on and learn all about the possible processing fees that are associated with EcoPayz.

Processing Times

As we discussed above, your EcoPayz payments are made instantly. You don’t have to wait for your account balance to get updated. You can practically start gambling as soon as you make your deposit, which can’t be said for a few other payment methods that can take days to process. Processing your withdrawals is also often fast, though this depends on how quickly the operator you’re working with processes your request.


Sending money using your EcoPayz account, generally carries no processing fee from the payment processor, though the specific website may charge you. However, it is worth noting that making a credit card deposit onto your EcoPayz account does carry a 1.69% fee. There is also a small inactivity fee of 1.50 EUR (or the equivalent) per month if you don’t use your account.

What EcoPayz Sites Offer Live Betting?

Our team understands that players want to enjoy the action as it happens. We, therefore, take special care to include sites that offer live betting, which is exactly how it sounds. Live betting allows players to make bets while the match they’re watching is ongoing. The benefits of this shouldn’t be hard to guess. Punters can take advantage of changing situations in the game to make more accurate bets. Live betting also allows you to feel more invested in your team’s success. Generally, live bets are offered in between halves, quarters, or periods, depending on what sport you’re watching. In some cases, they are even offered after every single play or drive. Check out our list of the best EcoPayz betting sites that offer live betting:

EcoPayz Esports Betting Sites Final Thoughts

EcoPayz betting sites come with a lot of advantages. It’s not just about the ease of payments, though this is certainly a factor. You tend to find great bonuses on websites that offer e-wallet options like EcoPayz. You also generally get a better user experience, with quality customer support and a user-friendly UI at your disposal. There are generally many betting options as well. Whether you’re into more physical sports or esports, there is a range of betting markets to choose from in each game. It’s hard not to love EcoPayz betting sites, and we’re sure that after having read our guide, you can’t wait to check out our lists and sign up.