The next decade is for esports

When 2019 ends, it is hard not to look back and appreciate the excitement for the world of esports in the last ten years. The esports market was laughable ten years ago compared to today’s Dota 2 viewership, and the first Legends World Championship League was still not published for over a year. Millions now watch esports events every day and in the last 10 years the industry has created billions of dollars and only from here will things grow.

The core of the esports industry are games played against millions of fans, with new titles always published in the hope that future sports will be played. It’s impossible to predict which titles are the most common at the end of the 2020s, but some titles have already created an esporting culture, with the goal of reaching the top level in the next decades.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the oldest games that have a decent fan base since the mid-00s, and it looks as if Call of Duty heads to the very top of the world of gaming once again in the 2020s. The World League Call of Duty has added a further layer in the pro-Code scene in the last few years but, as the Overwatch League, it will take over from 2020. This further stability will allow the scene to expand and boost interest for players and organisations. In the coming years, Call of Duty should achieve a level similar to the Overwatch League. If the Call of Duty league is able to stay around for some time.

Rocket League

It’s all heading for the Rocket League. It’s not rough, it’s super easy to understand and it’s always fun. It is somewhat shocking that it is already no really top-level activities! Psyonix’s progress with RLCS has until now been fantastic, and things keep rising at a decent pace that means that the Rocket League will be starting out really in the coming years. This is family-friendly gameplay means that there is no reason why it could not be the world’s most popular sport if it does continue to grow.

PUBG Mobile

Over the last ten years, many people have made bets on esports, but none really performed that well in the western world. But the one to change that is PUBG Mobile. PUBG itself is already immensely popular in the West, with millions of people in the mobile version. The early PUBG Mobile tournaments were good and fun, but certainly felt like events which seek and figure out the best way to do everything. Don’t give the game some time to find out the best way to do activities and there’s no reason PUBG Mobile isn’t the mobile game that’s ending up getting into the Western market.