NiP is not paying its coach

Ninjas in Pyjamas recently explained the situation with the former coach Aaron “Clairvoyance” Kim. In an official statement on reddit, company representatives noted that Kim tried to take most of the winnings through blackmail. He also violated the terms and conditions of the contract.

According to representatives of NiP, the team decided to compete with Clairvoyance in April and discussed the extension of his contract at the end of the month. On the 30th, Peter “ppd” Dager, was ready to continue cooperation with the coach and suggested that the management should hire Kim on a permanent basis. Bu they decided to reduce his share of the prize money to 5%. This option did not suit the mentor, and he told the players about the alleged illegal actions of the captain.

Threatening the players

The team refused to cooperate with Kim, after which he began to threaten the members of the composition. The players did not agree to renew his contract. Despite this, the former coach of the team filed an application to transfer 7.5% of the prize money to him. After getting his offer declined, he began to blackmail the roster.

Representatives of NiP indicated that the organization was not interested in reducing Kim’s share, since Valve shares the prize-winning between the players on their own. The club noted that during the conflict, the coach repeatedly violated the terms of the contract: He tried to influence the participants of the roster with blackmail, revealed sensitive information and also tired to damage the reputation of NiP. Despite all these illegal acts, the organization did not sue the former coach.

No prize money for coach

On May 26, Kim asked NiP for the correct amount that corresponded to his contract, and by the next morning the organization sent him money. On the night of May 27, Clairvoyance published his statement, saying that the organization did not pay him more than $ 17 thousand. This amount included the salary for March and April. Later, he posted on Twitter that he salary was indeed allocated to him but it was without a prize for OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019.

Clairvoyance has been on trial in Ninjas in Pajamas since February 2019. With his assistance, the team qualified for DreamLeague Major , where they took 9-12 place. The EU side aslp reached the WePlay final ! Valentine Madness, hit the top 6 of ESL One Katowice 2019 and won the OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019.

Lets see how this saga will settle in the next few days and it should not have an impact on the performance of the team. Since NiP will be competing in the Starladder Minor, they will surely need a decent result to confirm its spot in The International 9. The players are in a very good form, since in the past week they beat some of the best teams of their region to live to fight another day.