New Dota 2 Update adds features to Dota Plus as well as ‘TheFatRat Music Pack’ in the shop

Valve has finally shown Dota Plus some love with the latest update. After the end of The International and the subsequent expiry of the Battle pass, all eyes were on Dota Plus. The Paid subscription model which was introduced earlier this year has not received much in terms of updates or content. With nothing to distract them anymore, the community was already gunning for more content in Dota Plus.

One suggestion was to make available several features from the Battle pass such as the Chat Wheels and the Ranked Role Queue to the Dota Plus subscribers. This would be very useful since these features were some of the best in the Dota +.

In the wake of the thrilling conclusion to The International and the culmination of the Battle Pass season, today’s update is focused on bringing some of that summer fun into the perks of Dota Plus.

Leading the way, the Ranked Roles matchmaking queue has been added to Dota Plus. To mark the occasion, we’ve added a welcome quest where players who win 5 times in the Ranked Roles queue will earn 5000 shards.

We’ve also moved In-Game Tipping into Dota Plus, letting you celebrate the joyous moments of battle by sending some free Shards an ally’s or enemy’s way in recognition of their contributions to the game.

Express yourself year-round with select Sound Effects, which are now unlockable with Shards. Once unlocked, you’ll have access to these sounds while your Dota Plus membership is active.

Finally, as a special end-of-summer bonus, any Dota Plus member who plays 4 games this weekend can claim an extra 10,000 Shard reward.

The Ranked Role Queue.

Ranked Role Queue is back

The Ranked Role Queue is a feature where players can choose their role before queuing up for matchmaking. This is to ensure an optimal hero composition within the match. In a typical Dota 2 Match, Valve has allotted the following roles for a team. There will be one safe lane, one offlane, two support players and one mid player. Choosing your role beforehand avoids the unnecessary complications that arise when no one wants to play a support. Alternatively, there are instances when your team just has too many supports.

The Chat Wheels.

One can buy the Chat Wheels via the in-game shop

The inclusion of Dota Chat Wheels in Dota Plus will make many subscribers happy. The Chat Wheels were a welcome addition to the game. They added a lot of fun and flair to the matches. Even professional teams [ read Virtus Pro] were notorious for their Chat Wheel usage in a professional match. Valve has not added all the Chat Wheel voice lines to Dota Plus. They include most of the generic voice lines, but it is still something that the fans love. The more important and popular ones are reserved for the International Battle pass. The Chat Wheel can only be used as long as you have an active Dota Plus subscription.

One last thing… TheFatRat Music Pack

And that’s not all, there is more. The latest update has also brought TheFatRat Music Pack on the market. And it is really good. It is available for purchase off the Dota 2 store right away. The FatRat Music Pack has been stuck in the Steam Workshop for quite sometime. He joins DeadMau5 as famous musicians who have released Music Packs for Dota 2.

All changes are live in the Dota 2 Client. One can purchase TheFatRat’s Warrior Songs Music Pack for $5.