Dota 2’s Patch 7.24b announced; Here’s what you need to know

Before the third round of the Dota Pro Circuit began, Valve sent the new Dota 2 patch out. Minor and Major Qualifiers and WePlay New! Tug of War: The fans were given a good insight into the meta by Mad Moon.

The section is completely filled with nerfs. In all, the nerf bat hit 5 things and 12 heroes.

Item nerfs


  • Magic resistance reduced from five percent to four percent.


  • Armor reduction reduced from seven to six.
  • Damage increased from 50 to 60.

Diffusal Blade

  • Mana burnt per attack reduced from 50 to 40.


  • Chain lightning bounce distance reduced from 900 to 650.


  • Chain lightning bounce distance reduced from 900 to 650.

In addition to the Bracer Nerf, the most common damages of 7.24 were focused on most nerfs.

Bracers are early stat objects that are most powerful and useful. The element offers 120 resistance to health and bonus magic. Stacking it basically helps a hero to stack one or two other nuclear power supplies.

Whether it is Pangolier or Phantom Lancer, Diffusal Blade is now a viable upgrade to almost every centre of agility. Mana burn has always been a good mechanic, but it is a strong weapon for any kit because the meta shifts to have more strength heroes, usually with lower mana pools.

Maelstrom and Mjollnir were always some of the more popular agricultural products in the game. Lifestealer’s rework to improve its attack pace consistently made the hero and Maelstrom a match in heaven. It’s a limited nerf set, but it’s going to allow for more healthy combat.

Upon his movement buff, Slardar got the most challenging nerfs of the game, whose stock as an offflaner and occasional support was shot up. Guardian Sprint is costing mana, which is troublesome for a hero with mana problems almost always. Deep Bash and Corrosive Haze have also been reduced in damage amounts.

Surprisingly, given her overwhelming majority of competition charts Enchantress has only earned one update. Impetus had raised its mana costs across all stages, which can be essential for a hero who likes to spam. Thanks to its incredible versatility and the ability to play many roles, the hero would still probably retain a threat.

Lifestealer is the most popular choice for safelane. Built-in magic immunity is always in need and the insane attack speed of the hero made it a good option for things such as Maelstrom and Basher. The hero got well-deserved nerfs for attack speed and base damage. The power of his new feast and infest will probably keep him a viable option.

Snapfire has been hit by Mortimer Kisses’s insane AoE damage performance. Due to its ability to be an artillery dam of long range the hero was even a hard keeper with zero objects. Since the update, the Snapfire Cookie has also improved for users. Players and developers have eventually recognised the benefits of the ability to astonish, use forced movement, and potentially heal.

After the Outlanders update and the subsequent nerfs Tiny, Io, and Puck, who continue to dominate the meta, were again given their coal by IceFrog.n