Dota 2 Event organiser fails to pay its dues on time despite being in an agreement with Valve.

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit was the answer for rogue tournament organisers as well as providing a fixed schedule. However, it seems not all the events in the circuit have come forth with the prize money. Despite having an agreement with Valve for the prize money payment on a 90-day schedule, GESC has failed to distribute the cash.

GESC was the organiser behind two events in 2018. The events took place in Thailand and Bangkok. Despite receiving praise from the community for the excellent standards and treatment at the event, things are not all rosy. GESC Thailand and Bangkok saw VGJ. Storm emerge as the winners. Collectively the tournament organisers owe more than $750,000 to the players, the talent as well as other people involved in the event.

Both the events were Dota 2 Minors and a part of the Dota Pro Circuit. It is astonishing that Valve decided to grant these minors to GESC despite no proven track record in the scene. While the events ran smoothly, the result post completion of the tournaments is definitely painting a sorry picture.

The Open Letter

Cyborgmatt in addition with several other talents and members of the Dota 2 community have jointly written a letter. The letter is addressed to Valve as well as anyone who wants to read it. It serves as a warning for players and talent who want to be associated with GESC. The event organiser already has two more events announced on its website, although further details are not yet clear.

Our intention, through this open letter, is to alert the community, players, teams and other people who may be approached to work at further events produced by GESC (two events in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are pending on their website) and a project seemingly under way for 2019 called “Project Hero”. We feel very strongly as a collective that no further involvement with GESC events, or any other project under Mr Feng’s guidance, should happen until all debts are settled in full and that if debts are settled immediately and further events take place that any money due to any party should be placed in escrow before any person or company agrees to attend.

You can read the entire letter here. Paul Chaloner has also publicly released another letter wherein he warns that his company will take legal action.