Zilkenberg leaves The Mongolz

The Mongolz is one of the most well known Asian teams. Led by the fragging capability of Zilkenberg, Mongolz have secured their best players and reached deep into tournaments. With the aim of making it into the Asian Minor, Mongolz have been practising hard.

That being said, in a surprise move Zilkenberg has left The Mongolz. This comes as a huge surprise as the player has been linked to Mongolz for a long time. We can just assume that he will be transferring to another team very soon.

It was his own personal decision. He decided that he wanted to live in Australia, he said. I think he will go there to study like erkaSt. The Australian teams must pick him up. I feel like we are a academy team. We are producing good players in our scene, and letting them transfer to other teams for free.” said Tuvshinbleg Lkhagvasuren.

“Machinegun and tsogoo received many offers from Chinese teams months ago, but they decided to stay loyal to us. Now we have only Machinegun, tsogoo, ncl and maaraa. They are the first members of this team and still didn’t leave, which means I’ve only got loyal players left.

cazze from ZEN and cTrl from MoGuL will join us. They are both young talents from our country, who will take the place of Zilkenberg and maaraa. Maaraa will step down from the active lineup and move to a coach position