Witmer to stop competing in CSGO

Witmer has announced that he is stepping down from competitive CSGO. He has been a part of several North American teams constantly being a threat to the best NA teams.

I tried really hard to still have a place in this game. I met Brax who saw I saw the game the same way as him, as well as most other things in the world, and started trying to become a slower player. I worked on my pacing, closing rounds, throwing the correct nades and trying to incorporate a more seasoned,
Measured playstyle with mine. I had varying degrees of success but in short, I still and have felt like my identity as a player wasnt there anymore. I didnt feel the need to save for an awp, i didnt want to take the same risks, man I dont know. I’d have flashes of myself here and there (GX v gale force mdl playoffs, frag11 v Rise, coL v c9 ECS) but I know I’ve been a shell of myself for a few years.

You can read the entire statement here.