Virtus Pro set to replace Taz from their CSGO lineup, warn NEO

According to website DBLtap, Virtus Pro is all set to replace Taz from their active CSGO lineup. If true, this report from Dekay suggests that the longest standing CSGO lineup will come to change and is definitely a big news. Taz has been one of the veterans in the industry, constantly encouraging fans to be less toxic and more friendly towards the skills of VP opponents. One year ago, Virtus Pro was in the finals of the Eleague Major; but they have been on a huge slide since then.

They will be looking to buyout Michu, widely considered as the best Polish player currently. The quote from the website reads as :

A source has explained that MICHU’s buyout is upwards of 250,000 Euro (about $310,000), making him one of the more expensive players on the Counter-Strike market. Should the two organizations not come to an agreement on a buyout price, would then look to acquire a player from AGO Gaming. In addition to this move, the team has warned Filip “NEO” Kubski that he will also be replaced if the team’s performance doesn’t improve.