Valve announces CSGO update with some much needed changes to the game economy

Valve has shipped a new update to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The new update brings changes to the game’s economy and will have a huge impact on competitive matches.

Game Updates :

  • Adjusted the start-of-half economy with the goal of reducing the impact of a pistol round win on subsequent rounds.
    • In Competitive Matchmaking, both teams are now considered to start the half with a one-round ‘losing streak’ that is reset following a round win. Instead of $1400, the Round 1 loser receives $1900, then $2400 for a subsequent loss, etc.
    • The start-of-half losing streak can be adjusted via “mp_starting_losses”
  • CZ75a: Adjusted the CZ75a to encourage semi-automatic fire at medium and long ranges.
    • increased recoil and fire inaccuracy
    • slightly improved accuracy recovery rate
  • Tec9: Adjustments to make the weapon more forgiving at medium rates of fire.
    • reduced fire inaccuracy
    • slightly improved accuracy recovery rate
  • SG553 price reduced to $2750
  • AUG price reduced to $3150

Round Loss Economy Changes

All teams will start with one round loss [ not in the scoreboard but for the economic impact]. This means if a team loses the first pistol round, they will still receive $1900. This provides for a much better buy in the second round or a full buy in the third round for a team.

In the past few months and during the Major as well, we saw teams gain huge advantages on the back of a pistol round win. The CTs are already economically pressed due to the nature of the game. Losing the pistol round often is devastating for the Counter Terrorist side as they are then unable to make inroads into the half.

This new update will favour teams like Na’Vi, Vitality and G2 who are well versed in force buys. The additional $500 in the second round will provide for an extra pair of grenades which can have a huge impact on the round.

The CZ75 update – A much needed nerf.

The disparity between the CZ and the Tec9 was so obvious in the recent months. Players preferred to play with the CZ if given a choice due to his accuracy and range. The new update punishes the CZ buy with increased recoil.

Valve has also added two new maps to the casual map pool: Biome and Subzero. They will be closely monitoring the popularity of these maps and the playtime on these maps. You can read the full announcement on the Counter-Strike Blog here.