Turner Sports identifying key attributes in eSports demographic; continue to provide high quality content

Executives from Turner Sports are starting to realize that while they had a fair amount of knowledge running a sports content powerhouse like NBA on TNT, catering to the eSports demographic has opened their eyes to a much different style of consumer expectations.

One of the things we have learned from being in the eSports space is how important it is to be authentic to the community,” — said Craig Barry, executive vice president of production and chief content officer

According to Barry, whether it is the NBA on TNT or eLeague, the integration between product and marketing has to be authentic.

“It is such a concentrated and dense community that there is so much conversation going on and so much interaction around the content. They focus on everything you distribute to them and evaluate what they are consuming and digesting,” — said Barry.

Seeing Turner Sports taking in consumer feedback and adapting quickly shows their continued effort to provide high quality to eSports fans. With their continued integration of ELEAGUE into their NBA broadcasting, you can start to understand the potency of the pair.