This glitch causes CSGO’s C4 to get stuck below Dust II

CS:GO Supporters have found a bug that lets the C4 on Dust II go under the map.

There may be locations on Dust II, namely the x-box in the centre of the world, which can lead to the bomb being dropped.

It seems like since 2017 this problem has been around when a player on the CS: GO Steam-Forum complained about it.

Nonetheless, according to a map maker on Reddit, the issue is not easy to fix. Some have suggested inserting bomb reset triggers under the ground of the chart would be a simple solution. But a map maker said it would be terrible to introduce something like this.

The map creator said, “You’d have to go through and clone basically everything and reapply a certain texture to it, as well as making the cloned block itself into a bomb trigger.”

Not able to tell how long this regression is in CS: GO, considering that Valve does not generally fix these problems quickly.