The dates for Dreamhack Open events in 2019 are out.

Dreamhack has announced the dates for its events in 2019. The Dreamhack Open Series of events will feature a prize pool of $100,000 for each of its seven events. The number of events and the prize money associated with them remains the same as this year.

The event organiser will also venture into new markets for next year. Dreamhack has announced their foray into South America with Dreamhack Rio 2019. The tournament will take place from April 19-21, 2019. The three-day festival will take place in the Parque OlΓ­mpico. The former Olympic venue will be the perfect host for an esports BYOC tournament. Dremahack has experimented with new locations. Their most recent announcement and an upcoming tournament feature India as the venue. The tournament takes place in Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

The Qualification process.

Each tournament will have its very own qualification process. There will be a total of eight teams for each event. These eight teams will feature a combination of invites and qualified teams. We don’t know the exact combination of these invites and qualification slots.

Dreamhack is one of the premier esports event organisers. They have decades of experience in esports and are widely respected by teams and organisations. Their venture into new geographical regions is fuelled by their growth aspirations as well as the development of grassroots esports. The Mumbai and Rio events will feature BYOC tournaments which further help in developing the local scene.

We can expect Dreamhack to feature top teams in their events and help the scene grow further.