Tens years in prison for fixing CS:GO gambling matches

Six CSGO players in Melbourne, reportedly fixing CS: GO games were found during an SSIU investigation. The participants face a prison sentence of up to ten years for the crime.


Cheating was a severe issue when it comes to competition. Fixing casino matches or cheating on football may imply that players will be jailed. This is now also a chance for those who set up video games. Six people supposedly captured fixing the Valve Counter-Strike: The CS: GO in Australia, have been detained and maybe put in prison. The play is one of the exceptions for centuries in society.

The people were detained by the Sporting Integrity Intelligence and Organized Crime Intelligence Unit of the Victoria Police. All six were in the particular region of Melbourne and were component of a match-fixing circle. As some say, match-fixing in the region is not as rare as it may appear.

A sportsbook provider has brought the interaction of the club to the ##rs of the police. The league reacted to a probable CS:GO betting match-fixing occurrence after the operator notified them. This shows how seriously honesty and ethics are taken by the players.

Some esports betting sites, like Pinnacle, have refunded bets on esports matches due to match-fixing.

The inquiry, initiated in March 2019 and lasting approximately five months, revealed that play-fixing ring participants deliberately lost matches in order to earn cash from gambling. A total of 20 bets of this type were produced. Although this is an esport match rather than a physical game like football, or poker in one of the best internet casinos, where this event would be heavily punished, the detained persons continue to face a 10-year jail term.

The teams are now facing 10 years in jail, but it is extremely probably due to the nature of the sport that the penalty will be lowered. The players are now being sentenced to 10 years ‘ imprisonment. It will probably not be as heavily fined for video game-fixing as other match-fixing methods. In the meantime, the SSIU and Organized Crime Intelligence Units proceed to operate with some of the sports betting organizations in order to further identify such cases.

“Truly, sports is an evolving sports sector, and this is the requirement to make bets on the results of tournaments and games available. It is essential that policing and other law enforcement, gaming and betting organizations keep working together to track any suspicious activity. These warrants also underline that police will be taken seriously by any reported suspect or criminal behaviour in sports and promote everyone to submit data, “said Neil Paterson, Assistant Commissioner.

The creation of the Esports excellence Coalition (ESIC) to enhance the efficiency and morality in the sector is another major move in regulating sports. Cheating in esports may have only already been sanctioned by verbal notification, but it could quickly alter because of the fresh attitude adopted by the authorities.