Teen creates anti-cheat AI that has banned 14,500 CS:GO Cheaters

A young British teenager has developed a programme to ban over 14,000 Counter-Strike cheaters. The developer-who is named 2Eggs-said his programme has more than 98 percent success rate in The Loadout.

2Eggs claims that after they saw Valve Senior John McDonald software show at GDC 2018 they became involved in anti-cheat technologies. This prototype has given birth to HestiaNet –a piece of software entitled “The Greek Goddess of Hope and Recovery” –using 2Egg’s own platform of analysing CS: GO’s overwatch events, which is nothing to do with Overwatch from Blizzard. Nevertheless, even though it takes a person to decide on a single report for several minutes, HestiaNet will complete the process in seconds.

HestiaNet reviews and scans the objects when the file is sent, decides and stores the SteamID of the client in a server. If the account is prohibited, the programme registers that with particular information to enhance the process in the future. HestiaNet seems to already be doing a quite good job–14,515 have resulted in some form of punishment of the 14,782 cases reviewed over the two last years.

HestiaNet is an impressive achievement, but 2Eggs have not contributed to Valve. We were given nearly £ 9,000 last month to help the developer identify new successes in their games and consumers, showing that the battle against cheats can be far more beneficial than a quick raise.