Team Fnatic take last spot at ESL Six Siege Invitational 2020

Xavier Esports is overcome and booked a spots at Six Sieges Invitational 2020 in the ESL that is scheduled to begin on February 7, by Etienne’ MAGNET’ Rousseau playing under a banner of Team Fnatic.

We sawCloud9 and Fnatic locking horns in the Montreal sprint at the start of the APAC Qualifier. Cloud 9 took banks as their first pick and helped their crews get back in the drivers ‘ seat with their 1-2 defence in the Tellers / Archives, they got the start with a healthy 2-1 lead before Fnatic’s Jake “VIR7UE.” Cloud9’s SweetBlack challenged his team to take a 1-0 lead as they picked up a C9 to convert their match point into more misery.

Cloud9 came back from break on Kafe Dostoyevsky’s second map to top with yet another comeback when Yugeun “H3DY” Kwon’s bright Kwon’s quad kill scored the 3-3 in their defence. On the switch, Fnatic was demons as they could successfully defend the bar, cocktail and reading/dining sectors, leaving C9 attackers only in the service/cooking sector with a 2-0 win.

The Thai men came on top in their assault at Xavier Esports’s choice Kafe Dostoyevsky with 4-2, though their tactics for targeting Reading / Dining were absolutely flawed with the duo “RED SUN” Chairoek & Thiraboot Peeranut “WARBRAK” The Japanese men stopped WARBRAK while they collectively contributed 1-0 over Xaver in the 3 game series.

On the CYCLOPS athlete’s pick bank, both watched the Xavier Esports take a second turn in their advance in the Lockers / CCTV field, but not overshadowing the 1v1 clutch of the Narabodee “Kirisaku” Plailaharn. On switch, Xavier Esports easily sailed through the heroics of REDSUN to a 7-4 win over the Thai men.

With series 1-1, both teams had pumped the map to each other at Clubhouse to decide either of their grand finishes, and later Xavier Esports was so outstanding on both their side of the attack and defence, and they saw the intellectual Korean men overcome by granting only 2 rounds of attack to set a benchmark against Fnatic for the Montreal show.

Club House is Xavier Esports ‘ pick, coming to the Grand Final. We saw Fnatic taking a 4-2 turn with some glamorous attack rounds led to the defensive defender of Xavier by Jason “Lusty” Chen the Aussie. Sumat “PEW” was vain as Srimabut grabs the 9th round to win the Master / Gym area to support his team up, but after witnessing potential battles by the Thai men, Fnatic saw them crumbling into a default.

Once again when the consulate was picked by Fnatic, the Australians had a good lead in the 4-2 score, but Xavier’s Warbrak had a hard battle for their team, as both sides marched in overtime in Montreal. Yet Fantic did not leave any flaws when it came to winning a Garage / Cafeteria segment so that it won the match that would become a sticky victory and defend the same position after the turn.

In this victory over Xavier Esports, Team Fnatic is now competing in Montreal from 7 to 16 February at the Six Siege Invitational 2020 at the ESL!