TACO leaves SK Gaming

Taco has called it quits from SK Gaming. The Brazilian player who has been a part of several good tournament victories for the team in the past will be stepping down following a string of poor performances.

He even wrote a poem for his teammates :

For every learning and teaching,
For every smile and cry,
For every fight and happy moments,
For every talk and advice,
For every long journey of the plane and night badly slept,
For every complaint and every problem solved,
For every revolt and patience,
For each chapter of the story.

For always believing in me.

I’ve always believed in you too!

I leave leaving my mark and my legacy between 28 months: 13 trophies – 21 finals – 10 semi finals. I leave without regret, anger and remorse. I leave leaving the doors open.

Thank you so much for everything!

With love,