SK Gaming in potential roster talks with Stewie2k

SK Gaming is searching for new members to its CSGO team. After talks with Na’Vi over the trade for Simple and Flamie fell through, reports suggest that they are now turning their attention towards North America. Stewie2k has led Cloud9 to some epic victories and if these reports hold any truth, he might be in contention to join SK Gaming. The addition of Stewie2k will be a really good addition to the SK Gaming roster. Stewie2k is notorious for being an excellent performer under pressure.

According to the report by DBLTap, Stewie2k is already practicing with SK Gaming roster. The current roster for SK Gaming is slated to terminate their contracts by July of 2018, just before the upcoming Major in London. There are rumors that the team will be playing under the MiBr brand, but it’s still unsure. The MiBr brand stands for Made in Brazil and was one of the top Counter-Strike 1.6 teams. However, since not all the players would be from Brazil it is still unsure if that is the name of the new team.

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