Round up of Cup 2020

The CyberBet Cup, as you would definitely be aware, took place from 6 to 12th April this week, featuring 8 teams from 14 matches. In the $10,000 bonus pool, the winner pocketed $7,000 and the runner earned the remaining $3,000.

For those that don’t know, CyberBet is one of many esports betting sites offering bets on esports and continues to do so.

The tournament was the first-ever hosted by CyberBet and the Europe and CIS teams had the chance to flex their virtual muscles. In this article, we’ll look at how the tournament started and what teams at the end of the tournament were taking the cash.

Thanks to CyberBet’s sponsorship, the event started with the group stages with lots of esports betting available in the tournament.

Group A, consisting of Movistar Riders, NAVI Junior, Rough Legion, and Mustang Crew, featured a 2-0 victory over NAVI Junior in the top spot for the Movistar Team. They went on to win the Rough Legion with 2-1 and took the top of the group and top seed in the semifinals.

NAVI Junior joined the semifinals and posted a 2-0 score against the Mustang crew in their critical second game well back from its opening run-off to Movistar Riders. CSGO wagering enthusiasts who sponsored NAVI Junior in Group A were pleased when NAVI Junior passed 2-1 against Hard Legion following a real fight.

Group B also battled strongly with Team Heretics as the group’s dominant force. Syman, Smash and Nordavind were also part of the party. Team Heretics came through their opening game with a 2-0 win over Nordavind and would set a trend for a team that did not put down a single map.

The second victory of 2-0 over Syman put Team Heretics in the semi-finals and sent Syman into Group B. Syman won 2-0 to take the second qualification place of the group in this decision against Nordavind.