Rock1ng steps down from Outlaws

Rock1ng has decided to leave Outlaws after the team´s decision to bench the player. Being an inactive member of the roster is not something that the player had in mind for his career. As such his decision to take his career to another team will be very enthusiastic.

Ivan Stratlev gave out a statement to HLTV;

“The team approached me and said they would be trying out another roster,”  Rock1nG told “They asked me if I wanted to be benched and wait for my time to come, or either find another team.

“The time I had with Outlaws was a great experience. The organisation was doing their duties, it was a good home, and my teammates have great individual skill.”

“I wish them nothing but the best. Still, I want to keep playing on a long term basis, so I am looking for new opportunities and I can be contacted through this e-mail:”