Pacemaker releases statement about Misfits Loss

Peacemaker was recently inducted into Misfits as their coach. However the team suffered a embarrassing exit from the Minors under Peacemakers coaching. You can find the entire text below :

First of all I would like to apologize for our bad performances in the past couple of matches/tournaments, to Misfits as an org and for all my fans out there. I`ve seen people saying I should be ashamed but I am not at all.

I was living with these guys these past months and I know how hard we worked these last couple of days and how pressured we felt to perform in this event due to a lot of circumstances.

After we found out Sean wouldn`t be able to attend to the Minor we knew it would be very hard, losing an IGL isnt easy at all but still we decided to bring relyks back in and we truly appreciate him for the time with us and for the amount of dedication he put even after being originally benched from our team, you are amazing and I wish you nothing but the best for the future.

I am not going to go deep about Shahzam being benched and our roster moves but theres tho things I can say, first it wasntMY OWN decision as a lot of ppl are saying out there and second things are way deeper than people think it is and it makes me very frustrated to see the amount of hate me and all my players are getting when people dont know half of what happens inside our team. Internal decisions/issues stays inside the team and will never be made public, thats how it is in any professional environment.

After our roster decisions and because of the Minor rules, we didn’t really had many options available and we decided to trial zqk for the minor since he was fully available to come asap and start practicing with us, we also appreciate all the amount of work he did in these past couple days and I can stay that in 2 days in our gaming house we decided to make him our IGL for the tournament cause of his leadership personality. This guy put his reputation and his career on the line to help me and our team even with only 1 week of practice for such a big tournament and I really can`t criticize him for anything, he deserves all our respect.

I am not sure about what the future holds for us and even if I will stay with Misfits, but aslong as I am here I will always work really hard, fight for my players and do my very best to make us a top team, but also, being a top team takes time and adjustements, you dont make a super start team and suddenly become the best team in the world, csgo teams are long term projects and requires patience and a lot of hard work and one day I am sure I will get there.

Thank you and good night ya`ll.

PS. Sorry for any grammar errors I did this very fast considering the amount of msgs I received today.