Over 400,000 CS:GO accounts were banned for cheating

According to sources, Valve has cracked down on cheaters this August after banning 400,000 accounts alone.

There’s been an even greater cheater issue since CS: GO took free-to-play in December last year. In one day, users were dissatisfied with Valve’s modifications to Prime Status and the game got more than 14,000 adverse feedback. When it goes to banning accounts, the impacts of CS: Going F2P can still be seen every month.

More than 400,000 CS: GO accounts were banned in August 2019 alone, according to DotaBuff.

According to SteamDB, over 400,000 CS: Compare this to August 2018 when only 91’000 VAC prohibitions were issued and the battle against CS: GO cheaters has intensified considerably since the F2P match was completed.

It is not the largest month for CS: GO prohibitions, like in January 2019, were issued for more than 1,1 million VAC prohibitions. That said, there are still 400,000, and things are not going to alter quickly. In July, we’ve seen more than 630.000 VAC interdictions, so events seem slower or fresh accounts are only being created by cheaters.

CS: GO still obviously has a trickery issue, but it is mostly one of the greatest sport games out there and a pleasure to play if you have primary status. Remember that the Berlin Major has already started and that the Champion’s Stage has been laid, so it’s a lot to be expected of esport supporters.

You have been on some CS: GO cheaters recently on local servers, and what do you believe about August 2019’s huge amount of VAC prohibitions? In the comments segment below, let us understand.