NRG win the IBuyPower Invitational after a dominant performance against Team Liquid

Team NRG have won the IBuyPower Invitational after a really dominating performance against Team Liquid. The team finished the finals in 2 maps itself with a scoreline of 16-9 on Overpass and 16-11 on Nuke. While the scoreline might not suggest a close contest, individual rounds were extremely close.

The final earnings of all the teams at the event are as follows :

iBUYPOWER 2018 Spring Invitational final standings:

1. United States NRG – $10,000
2. North America Liquid – $4,000
3-4. United States Rogue – $1,000
3-4. United States Torqued – $1,000
5-8. Brazil Luminosity
5-8. North America compLexity
5-8. North America Splyce
5-8. United States Dignitas