Nikoś buyout was around $500,000

Recently EsportsJunkie reported that Faze bought out Niko from Mousesports. With both the teams failing on the interanational stage repeatedly this signing made a lot of sense. Unfortunately it spelled the doom for Screamś move to Faze.

DoteSports reporter Thiemo Brautigam reports that the buyout amount for Niko was $500,000. This amount is a definite increase over the previous record buyout in CSGO. The previous big ticket buyout in CSGo happened almost 16 months ago. The player in question at the time was Scream and his reported buyout was $160,000.

As we’ve now been involved in multiple highly publicized transfers during our short time in the Counter Strike space, we believe it’s important to also do our part in protecting the scene from creating an inflated bubble,” FaZe Clan stated. “We would like to make it clear to those interested in the ecosystem within professional Counter Strike, to not put too much stock into the numbers being falsely reported around this transaction.

This puts the transaction within manageable numbers. We definitely do not want to create an inflated environment similar to what happened during the CGS days. The scene has to grow parallely with the economy and it is only then that we get an actual assessment of the numbers. Faze has been a relatively young organisation within this space. They have been new but have been involved in multiple big ticket buyouts and signings. Their dream is to form an international team which can be the best in the world. They pull out no stops to achieve this and hence the high vale numbers.