New ping system to be introduced in new Overwatch 2

One of the major innovations the game introduced into the war of the Royal genre is Apex Legends Ping System. They helped the players, whether quietly rushing an area to loot or in firefighting, to interact effortlessly with their team. According to Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch 2 could have a similar system.

The Game Director Jeff Kaplan, Youtuber Samito interviewed BlizzCon 2019 during the Overwatch 2 test drive.  Kaplan said UI designer Junho Kim wanted a ping system experiment in the next game. The proposal should become a summary, but its execution was ultimately rejected.

“In fact we were playing with something like this because, said Kaplan, we were eventually dissatisfied with our implementation, but Junho would like to try it again.” An overwatch 2 PvE setting ping feature could be useful where goal-priority and map scanning can play a bigger role than in six vs six PvPs. But don’t just pick up your dreams. The inclusion of the feature is not set in stone in Overwatch 2. “We’ll see, we’ll expect experiment from us. I don’t know whether or not it sees sunlight. “Kaplan said.

It is also uncertain whether the ping feature would retroactively allow Overwatch since there is a common multiplayer space for each iteration of the series. The ping system can be integrated as a feature only available in Overwatch 2 in PvE modes with character abilities and progression.
R Overwatch 2 is in early stages and has no official release date. The game will focus heavily on PvE elements and storey missions, infuse the universe of summary and generate a new storytelling experience.