NAVI cuts Boombl4 from active roster, mentioning “high reputational risks” at hand

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov, was a core part of Natus Vincere as the brains behind the Ukrainian team that achieved an iconic PGL Major Stockholm 2021 victory, as of yesterday he was removed from the organization’s active Counter Strike Global Offensive roster.

Earlier yesterday, Natus Vincere officially posted Boombl4’s departure within social media, stating “high reputational risks” as the main cause for their actions, further clarifying that their decision was not a result of Boombl4’s in-game performance.

Boombl4 started his journey at NAVI in 2019, becoming the team’s in-game leader for over two years and a handful of tournament appearances. Over three total years with the organization, he has achieved quite a lot, including an IEM Grand Slam Season 3, Blast World Final 2021, and the biggest trophy of all a CS GO Major.

Being a Ukrainian originated organization, NAVI and its players were unfortunately affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Earlier in March, the organization’s CEO mentioned that they were not willing to work with Russian players who reside within Russia borders.

Natus Vincere’s CS GO roster included two players from Ukraine and three from Russia, including Boombl4. However, along with electronic and Perfecto, Boombl4 agreed to relocate, as per Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov’s statements in an interview with The Washington Post. It is unknown if Boombl4 changed his decision last minute. Nevertheless, his recent social media comments were different over his future at NAVI.

Prior to the start of the 2022 PGL Major Antwerp , Boombl4 stated the following in a social media post:

“I love my team and my club, and right now I have mixed feelings. I’m sorry for being silent for so long about everything that’s going on, and for the inappropriate publications of my wife Lika.”

Boombl4 has publicly advocated for peace several times around the conflic since the invasion started. However, his wife Lika has been under the spotlight multiple times for actions that indicate her direct support for Russia. Being a Ukrainian born organization with strict policies against that kind of behavior, NAVI may have considered this an ultimate cause for the decision.

Lika has been a proud supporter of Russia and their ideals on her Instagram feed, celebrating her country live with the national flag painted on her face and posting pictures of herself with several Russian military tanks in the background.

Simple gave a piece of his mind regarding the situation:

“This is how this world works, i want to thank you @Boombl4CS for everything you have done, without you, not a single player of our team has achieved all the achievements that we experienced together in joy and sorrow, good luck and maybe one day we will play together again.”

NAVI and Boombl4 are yet to elaborate on the exact reasons for the decision. Several CS GO players, including Boombl4’s teammate s1mple, have shared their thoughts, lending their support to the player. With Boombl4 out of the team, fans are also concerned about the possible release of electronic and Perfecto, two players instrumental in NAVI’s recent success.

Currently we are waiting to see NAVI’s new in-game leader, and what the future holds for the other Russian native players within the roster.