Mixer hits back at Dr. Disrespect joke

Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm’s the popular Twitch streamer, tried to roast Ninja’s home, but Mixer’s social media team won’t have anything of it.

In August 2019 the Tyler ‘ Ninja’ Blevins’ Blender relocated triggered a cascade of popular ship jumping streamers. From the suit of Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek to Corinna Kopf’s wishes to take her skills to Facebook Gaming.

On the edge of their seats the net result was the streaming nation. To see the big name of the switch next. A media giant whose loyalties are connected to their origins is nothing else, Dr Disrespect.

Two went, while one remained: Dr Disrespect (extremely left) remained true to his Twitch origins.

The Doc is a long-standing product of the Amazon-owned streaming platform, which has self-proclaimed the’ Twitch logo.’ Beahm said that before Ninja and Shroud Mixer contacted him, and he squashed speculation that he would be among the next ship to jump based on the Twitch metric.

Given the current status of Twitch as the venue for the most popular streamers, engagement is abundant–and money comes with engagement. So it’s no surprise why the Doc has stuck to Twitch’s fidelity.

He posted a tweet apologizing about his latest attempt to play Mixer’s direction: “Is Mixer still there?”The social media guru on the streaming platform of Microsoft clapped with a GIF three minutes later for Walter White, the star in cold-blooded Breaking Bad.

The GIF read, the famous quotation from the AMC blockbuster series “You’re God god goddamn right.”

Beahm, of course, clearly leads the way he left the last decade in the new decade. Following the release of an accidental spoof by a Mixer on Christmas Eve, his thoughts towards the streaming platform of Microsoft remain consistent.

Dr Disrespect suggested earlier that Twitch spent more in having him on the Ninja and Shroud site, which incorporated his skills into the network for Amazon. In the meantime, the Mixer pair struggle to get anywhere close to the views on Twitch.

Although we may not be able to see the Doc on Mixer at any point, you can still look at his long-lost brother. Well, not really, but the couple look strange.