MiBr qualify for Pro League Playoffs after an close series against NRG

The Made in Brazil roster is one of the most unique teams in Counter-Strike. Despite having some of the best talents in the world, this team has continued to struggle with their performances. Their latest venture saw them against NRG Esports in the Upper bracket final. The series was worthy of a Grand Final spot in itself. The tussle between the two teams and the way they approached each other on different maps makes for a very interesting storyline.

The series went the distance to three maps. Eventually, MiBr won the series and the last map went into Overtime. Here are the final scores for the series.

  1. Overpass: 16-7
  2. Inferno: 8-16
  3. Mirage: 19-16



Despite being NRG’s map pick, Overpass saw the Brazilian squad take a huge lead in the early game. With Fallen leading from the front, MiBr could not do any mistakes. They quickly racked up an 11-1 lead which saw them almost securing their victory. NRG did try their best to bring the score closer, however, it was just too much of a gap. MiBr won the map 16-7 and took an early lead on NRG’s map pick.


The second map saw a complete turnaround from NRG. With players like Nahte and Brehze constantly putting up aggressive and big numbers, it was only a matter of time before NRG could secure the second map. In part, it was also due to MiBr’s aggressive stance on Banana and on other parts of the map. They were simply unable to get frags despite constantly pushing through smokes and surprising NRG. Ethan had a wonderful performance on Inferno and there was no turning back for NRG. They were able to get crucial frags in key situations often stopping the bomb plant with very few seconds remaining.

NRG won Map 2 with a score of 16-8. This score was very close to that of the first map. NRG showed us that they are not to be taken lightly.


The third map is one of the most famous maps for Fallen and Co. They have had umpteen number of victories on this map and they know it like the back of their hand. However, they were unable to make an impact in the first part of the game. Their inability to get key frags and Nahte’s constant mid -pressure meant that MiBr had no space to play with. Often times, NRG would put 3 players at mid with Nahte and Cerq securing the high mid position excellently.

However, as the final rounds of the first half saw MiBr take a few rounds, they managed to secure 5 rounds. This was more than enough as was demonstrated by the Brazilians. They managed to tie the map at 15-15 and after this, it was an easy game for them. For NRG, they did not have the same impact on their mid-presence in the second half and that definitely hurt them. For their part, they also reduced the pressure on mid allowing MiBr with a lot of space to work with on the CT side.

NRG – Heads held high.

For NRG, their journey at ESL Pro league Season 8 LAN Finals is not yet over. They move to the lower bracket where they will face Ghost Gaming. The journey through the lower bracket will be a tough one for NRG. However, they will have to ensure that they can put together a similar type of performance in order to stay alive in the tournament.