Latest CS:GO Cache update improves fps and map changes

With the official release of the revamped de cache on October 10th, the group has now put a good 10-day effort to let developers of the game know what problems the site actually plagues.

After October 10th, having released multiple updates, another went live last night bringing about another fps boost as well as addressing different bugs and making small changes across the common map.

One such adjustment is an extended A-site plant box that allows players to place the bomb close to the fence. Furthermore, the sound effects of thunder and dog barking were turned down while visibility was brightened in the mid to checkers vent.

Some walls have become less wallbangable in terms of repairs, a clipping problem has been solved at the white box in the middle, a pixel-walk on A page has been repaired, and a bomb-stuck spot near the entrance to squeaky.

You should read the notes below for the full changes.

-Improved FPS.
-Allowed planting closer to A site fence.
-Brightened visibility inside vent.
-Improved readability in Checkers.
-Made some wood walls less wallbangable. (ex: A Main.)
-Fixed grenade clipping by White Box. (Thanks Phunterrrrr!)
-Reduced volume of thunder and dog barking sound effects. (Thanks SaveJustSurvive!)
-Fixed bullets/sprays not registering on prop. (Thanks JZFB!)
-Fixed pixel-walk on A site. (Thanks ALJN!)
-Fixed bomb-stuck spot by squeaky entrance from T side.
-Removed shadows from birds in T Spawn.