KQLY joins Vexed Gaming

Former Titan member Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian has joined Vexed Gaming on a trial basis for ESL Championnat National Summer, the French organisation has announced.

KQLY received a VAC ban in 2014 following which he has been shunned by the community at large. While he has been vehemently denying his involvement in any cheats in competitive esports; he has admitted to using cheats in a low level game.

A statement released by Vexed Gaming reads as :

“The esports scene is in rapid growth and it has evolved to become highly professionalised,” said Vexed COO Mark “Princess” Weller.

“However, the consequences of cheating have always been a grey area, but with the latest ESL announcement on the subject we believe this to be a first step towards a more transparent and unified rule set on the cheating problems.

“KQLY is very passionate and dedicated to the game and the professional scene – we’re looking forward to working with him.”