Kindy’s statement on the Peacemaker – Tyloo CSGO controversy

We would have to give up the Major because we didn’t want Luis to represent TYLOO giving his action of demanding unreasonable profits and unfortunately we didn’t have an alternative option but to give up the Major which is a huge loss for our organization and our players.

At the beginning Luis agreed to participate to help TYLOO and he posted on twitter confirming it. After the signature sticker situation, we confirmed with him 2 times, he still insisted that if there is no more in return financially he is not willing to participate . Even though he gave up on that eventually, we still couldn’t accept his behavior.

As for the contract, we didn’t sign any, because during the only time that he came to China we already decided not to cooperate anymore, however all of our commitments have been fulfilled even without a contract.

Peacemaker refused to play for Tyloo after they were unable to assure him of payment for his time spent on the team during the Major. With Valve not making any commitments to provide Peacemaker with his own sticker and thus refusing him sticker money, the coach / player who was on Tyloo without a contract had no obligations to play for the team.