GX replace Dap with Steel

The statement comes after a poor performance in their recent LANs. You can read the full statement below :

GX decided to replace me with steel for the next season of MDL, the reason stems from a
horrible team performance at MDL LAN/EPL relegation where we did not win a single map and
went out with a record of 0-6. The reason to replace me specifically comes from the team
suspecting me of throwing our match vs Rogue in EPL relegation (ironic, I know). I honestly wish I was kidding. While I feel I am being scapegoated for a whole team breakdown at this event I want to go into my side of the story and pretty much defend myself from this accusation.

I will start off by saying I obviously didn’t play well this bo3 which could be attributed to things such as changing IGLs mid-LAN (witmer decided to not AWP/IGL after practicing for a month before the LAN with him as IGL and give that task over to AZK while witmer entrys) and honestly, nerves. This is in fact the biggest LAN and only non-local LAN I’ve been to and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. There’s something about playing for your careers future on the line with 0 practice with your caller that makes you timid. Well to no surprise we got demolished 16-6 and 16-9 (https://www.hltv.org/matches/2318404/gx-vs-rogue-esl-pro-league-season-6-north-america-relegation) Now here comes the blanks that I unfortunately cannot fill for you guys, since right after this match ended i decided to go to my room and unwind and chill before the next match at 10AM the next morning vs Rise, but something happened this night that made the team COMPLETELY believe that I was playing for the other team since the next match VS Rise we played the most embarrassing braindead counterstrike I have ever been a part of and if you did not watch this game I encourage you to download the demo (https://www.hltv.org/stats/matches/mapstatsid/59619/rise-nation-vs-gx?contextIds=11586&contextTypes=player)

Now I cant go into specifics since the only reason I even know my team thinks this is because right after I left the venue to go home (I live locally) my friends on other MDL teams let me know my team is telling everybody I threw our matches. They never spoke to me about it or anything, in person or online, completely ignored to this day which led to me making this post in the first place.

As of right now my future is uncertain, but I will try to take this situation and make it as positive as I can and play on another team and chase my dream.

TL;DR – After a poor performance at the MDL LAN/EPL relegation my team accused me of throwing the relegation match vs Rogue