Gfinity announces $450k in prize pool over three tournament in 2018

Gfinity will be hosting several tournaments in the next year as they will be hosting three tournaments on the Australian Subcontinent. The tournament organisers will be tapping into the huge interest for CSGO events in Australia.

The Gfinity Australia series will feature Counter Strike Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

The Challenger Series is designed as an integrated, grassroots support platform, which is frequently seen in traditional sports, and is key to the development of Australianesports,” said incoming Gfinity Australia CEO, Dominic Remond.

“Australia is the first territory of expansion for Gfinity, driven by this country’s passion for competitive sports and the growing popularity of esports. Gfinity Australia wants to build the ‘Big Bash League of esports’, and I’m looking forward to joining the team in 2018 as we move to establish the Gfinity Elite Series as a must-watch part of the Australian sport and entertainment calendar.”