Gen.G eliminate FURIA to win DreamHack Anaheim CSGO

GenG won their first CSGO LAN at DreamHack Anaheim for $50,000, and a spot at Masters Jönköping with their latest performance against FURIA in a dominant 16-7, 19-15 game.

Gen. G came in as a challenger to DreamHack Anaheim, but left the champions with its first title this weekend in the newly built North American roster.

The hopes came across a tough group of ENCE, MIBR and Complexity without losing a map before heading to North in the semifinals to match the current top performers, FURIA in Brazil.

In the final DreamHack Anaheim against FURIA, s0 m was the star for Gen. G. The series.

Beginning with the Nuke map range from FURIA, Gen. G was quick to get a three-round lead out from its CT side of the walls. FURIA never came out, however, with a defensible target of 5 rounds on their T hands.

Nonetheless, a further electrifying start by Gen. G snuffed the hopes of South America out. When FURIA tried to build on its CT half at 14-7, Kenneth ‘ koosta’ Suen put a crazy 1:4 post-plant seal on the map in order to ruin the economy of FURIA.

Sam’s’ s0 m’ Oh was rock firm, both attack and defensive, holding A’s while selecting 26 kills on the map at a rating of 1.55 on Nuke.

Gen. G maintained the momentum on its own Inferno selection. Although they lost the first round on the T side, having an institution gave them the economy to flee with half.

FURIA could never combine more than two rounds at the same time leaving their economy half-strapped and North Americans took advantage of it. Clean performances ensured that Gen. G had a cool lead in the half and nearly packed the game.

FURIA started however during its own half to swing things around. They began to mount a return, bringing it back to just one round, after five of the first six-round for themselves.

Henrique’ HEN1′ Teles almost managed to bring him to a 1v3 clutch even at 11, but IGL Daps ‘ Steele of Gen. G stabilised the ship, leading it to victory.

But without rough waters, FURIA didn’t let it go. After Gen. G had three points in the match, the Brazilians forced back-to-back overtime with two 2v2 clutches.

This was, however, where the fire was ignited. Gen. G nailed four rounds in succession for Masters Jönköping and booked the map 19-15, the title of the DreamHack Anaheim.