fox, loWel, HS & innocent to form a new team

Fox has come up with yet another team as he teams up with Iowel, HS, and Innocent in his next career venture. The player who has been a part of several successful teams in the past will be attempting to make yet another team with world-class players.

The players are still searching for an organization to represent and they are in talks with teams such as Tempo Storm, Sprout, and Preparation. They are one player short and they will announce their new player in the days to come. It will be really interesting to see where this team goes with this lineup since they do have the potential to become a threat in the EU scene. 

This new team is for the moment composed of:

  • ⁠ Ricardo ” fox ” Pacheco
  • ⁠ Christian ” loWel “ Garcia Antoran
  • ⁠ Kevin ” HS “ Tarn
  • ⁠ Paweł ” innocent “ Mocek
  • ⁠ Laratz ” dracU ” Domínguez (coach)