Fnatic invited to ESL One Cologne 2017

Fnatic is the fourth team to be invited to ESL One Cologne. With ESL One Cologne not being accorded the status of a major, there has been a lot of doubt whether the big teams would actually want to play in the tournament.

We already reported Astralis not being wanting to play in the tournament so close to the Major. With NaVi also seemingly doubtful for the tournament, the tournament organisers were hard pressed to show some big names for the event.

ESL One Cologne is the marquee event in Sweden. As such it isnt surprising to see Fnatic being a team invited to the tournament. They will be able to meet and connect with their Swedish fans. Esports is huge in sweden thanks mostly to the huge success of Fnatic and NIP in the past. These two teams have been the pillars of CSGO and have been dominant in their eras in Counter Strike.

There are only four teams invited to the tournament as of yet

SK Virtus.pro
FaZe fnatic