Fierce Tiger disband their CSGO roster

Fierce Tiger has announced that it will disband its CSGO roster. The team was recently involved in a controversy when its player, Savage was disqualified from the CSGO Asia Championship. The roster faced more trouble as FaceIT decided to overturn their grand final match and have it replayed.

A while ago, Kun “LEo” Hou from Fierce Tiger was VAC banned by Valve after a tournament, which sparked great attention from around the world.

“Fierce Tiger immediately contacted Valve, FACEIT and Perfect World and provided relevant evidence on the matter, but it was denied.

“In respect to Valve and VAC, as well as taking responsibility for the other four players that was dragged into this issue innocently, we hereby announce that we will disband our CS:GO team.

“Bin “Savage” Liu, BingYuan “tb” Li, Zhen “HZ” Huang and QingYu “Monster” Deng (with the exception of Kun “LEo”Hou) are now free agents.

“They are free to join any team and continue with their professional career with immediate effect.

“Fierce Tiger hopes the four players that were innocently dragged into this incident can succeed in the future and we also hope Chinese CS:GO can improve as well.” (translated by Tan Kai Hong)

The players who were let go from the team are:

China Bin “Savage” Liu
China BingYuan “tb” Li
China Zhen “HZ” Huang
China QingYu “Monster” Deng

Source: HLTV