ex-Naventic problems out in the open

Ex-Naventic player Som recently quit the roster after detailing about problems within the team. The details were out on social media and the player pointed towards an unnamed player on the roster who was creating a very negative mood for the team.

I first joined the team through meeting fighter in a rank g game. He asked me to tryout after playing a rank g game with him and so I did. I was very grateful and still am grateful for the opportunity, that being said the first season I playd was with LordEZ/TenZ, Fighter, Impsta, Hwinn, and me. It was one hella ride I was an unexperienced player from intermediate going straight to mdl. I playd with them for one season and we made playoffs going 1-1 placing 4th place. I loved the team, we had some internal conflicts within the team with dedication. Hwinn left the team to go play pubg for spacestation gaming. At this point we were trying out a few people and we pick up arya, an ex-pro. We thought going into the season we were top tier mdl. We practiced, scrimmed, watched demos. Come the first match of the season we beat rise nation in an overtime game 19-17. We were extremely proud of our win but going into the season mid season we had some problem within the team. Multiple reasons…. One of our players didn’t like another player. I don’t know, we sucked. We really did. I knew that this wasn’t what I was looking to. I came to prac every day but I wasn’t looking foward to it AT ALL. I’m supposed to be practicing and having fun and learning not someone being emo and not comming the whole night of prac. The main reasons why I left naventic was because
1. Someone would always be emo/tilted every other day. (I would have to call at some points)
2. Teammates talking shit behind each others back.
3. Toxic a team wouldn’t scrim us because one of our players uses racial slurs to other players.
4. It wasn’t fun, I came on every night and hated it, I was over it towards the end of the season
5. No one was trying, Our last few matches decided if we made playoffs, ofc someone got tilted during the match and didn’t comm anything it was like we were pugging.
There is a lot of more reasons why I left but those were my main ones. I’m not calling anyone out or pointing fingers i’m just expressing my experience on ex-naventic. I appreciate all the support till now and I will keep moving forward from here on. <3

Ultimately there was retaliation from some of the existing players on the team who blamed Som for many of the problems. It has resulted in a very dirty social media battle of opinions.