ESL India Premiership to feature a rematch for the Grand Finals.

ESL India recently admitted that Forsaken used cheats during the ESL India Premiership finals. Despite securing the SSD from the players during the LAN finals, Nodwin and ESL did not check these devices. As a result, Optic India was allowed to go through and embarrass India on the World Stage. This incident is definitely going to setback the Indian Counter-Strike scene by a few years. With the scene already in a nascent stage, such incidents of cheating and extraordinary methods will ensure that the Indian CS: GO scene loses credibility.

ESL has announced that it will hold a rematch for the title of the ESL India Premiership. This final will be between 2ez and Slaughter Rage Army. The winner of this match will take the title of the ESL India Premiership.

The Tournament organiser is also in talks with its parent body to ensure better anti-cheats and security for the event. This will ensure that the tournament remains adherent to top International standards. There will not be a repeat of the cheating incident anymore.

ESL will release more details of the rematch at a later date. The tournament organisers will hope that they can continue to invest and develop the Indian CS: GO scene. Despite the hiccups in recent days, the Indian CS: GO scene has great potential.

Details of the Rematch

The Rematch between 2ez and Slaughter Rage Army will take place on Sunday, October 28th at 2 pm. Apart from the cash prize money, the winner of this tournament also gets a chance to represent India at the ESL Pro League Season 8 Asia Playoffs. We don’t expect any Indian team to have a huge impact at this tournament. However, it is always a matter of pride to see Indian representation at these big events.

Forsaken has received a 5-year ban by Esports Integrity Coalition ( ESIC ). The Five-year ban is obviously a belated thought. ESIC was responsible for reducing the Forsaken ban to just two years at a previous time. This reduction in the ban was unprecedented in ESIC’s history, so it was a big surprise to see this reduction in the ban. Unfortunately for them, this was the wrong decision as they ended up sending a cheater on to an International Stage.