Epiphany Bolt announce return to Counter Strike

Epiphany Bolt was one of the most well-known tier 2 organizations in the European CSGO Scene. They have had some really strong rosters in the past, before bowing out of the scene altogether. However, they have announced their return to Professional Counter-Strike and will field a team soon.

The Epiphany Bolt Lineup :

 Fredrik “Krewmer” Svensson
 Adam “WolfY” Andersson
 Eddie “zape” Härdeman
 Fredrik “elo” Annerström
 Martin “FuruaN” Johansen
 David “DavidP” Prince (Stand-in)

Krewmer :

“What can I say other than it feels great to be back in the org where my career started. I also feel very confident when it comes to the players that we have in this roster and that this is going to be a hell of a ride to grow and progress as a team.”