ENCE knocks out Heroic out of the BLAST Premier Showdown

While PGL Major Antwerp 2022 comes closer and closer, we can still enjoy some good CSGO at the BLAST Premier Spring European Showdown tournament. A couple of days ago we got to watch ENCE take down Copenhagen Flames in a close series, while Heroic was doing the same against Team NKT. Both teams got themselves into the first semi-finals of the tournament, the other being Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas, which we are still waiting to watch.

Due to both teams’ past series results, we could predict that this series would deliver a third game, and it did. The team captained Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer had a shaky start to the series. Ancient was ENCE’s pick and they didn’t manage to get a strong offense early in the game. The Finnish team lost the first 4 rounds but managed to bounce back quite convincingly. Scoring 6 rounds in a row and finishing the first half with an 8-7 score. The Danish squad had a lot of issues trying to recover their lead as they couldn’t penetrate ENCE’s defense in the upcoming rounds. ENCE closed out the match with a clean score of 16-9 as they lost only 2 rounds in the second half.

Heroic weren’t ready to give, Overpass was their map pick and they were heading into the 2nd game with full confidence. ENCE managed to mount up a good defense 3 rounds in a row, but Heroic broke the streak and started picking up a few rounds. The first half finished on a 10-5 score in favor of ENCE. Heroic didn’t fumble and had one of the best CT-sides you can have and secured 9 rounds in a row. The game finished 16-13 for Heroic and Stavn was the MVP with a kill differential of +7 and 91.7 ADR.

The third map had a very dominant performance from ENCE and it wasn’t even close. They started by going 13-2 on the first half as CT. Heroic did manage to win the next 3 rounds in a row but ENCE was going to strike back fiercely as they massacred Heroic’s lineup in the last three rounds of the game. ENCE’s Maden was the best performing player and closed the series with a +23 kill differential and 102.7 ADR.

We are still waiting for the result of the Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas series to see who is going to compete ENCE in the grand finals. The winner of this tournament will take $20,000 dollars home and will obtain 1600 BLAST Premier circuit points.