Dutch Player Mike retires from competitive Counter Strike

Mike has decided to call it quits on his Counter-Strike career. He is still looking for opportunities to become a coach or analyst and is open to more offers.

I decided to “retire” today as a competitive cs player. I’ve been walking around with this feeling for a while now where I didn’t feel motivated/passionated to play. This made me feel cs was more of a grind than me actually having fun while playing.

I don’t intend on quitting cs though cause I just love it so much like many others do. I want too keep going on as a coach/analyst so if any teams are interested in me you can send me a DM or contact me on miketuns@live.nl I think with my experience I can offer teams quite a bit!

I met alot of cool people through esports some which have changed my life for the better and I hope I will keep meeting new people and seeing old friends on events.

Also a big thanks to the epsilon team wish them all the best!