Dignitas Female CSGO team win Intel Challenge Katowice title

The Intel Challenge Katowice saw an upset with some of the most famous names in female counterstrike being absent from the finals. Zaaz and Juliano who have become some of the most well known female counter strike players were absent from the finals.

Dignitas Fe team have had an incredible run in the tournament, with their only map loss being against Team Rez in the Semifinals. The finals were an easy affair for the team with Goosebreeder being one of the strongest members on the server. Dignitas won the tournament 16-2, 16-4 in the finals. It was a one-sided affair.

Goosebreeder had a phenomenal performance with a 108 KDR. She has been having the most frags, but her frags are also the most impactful on the server. The Dignitas female team are the current champions of the Intel Challenge Katowice tournament.